Azure Cost Management, Simplified

Cut costs and maximize your customers' Azure cloud potential with Automated Intelligent Resourcing (AIR)

Their Azure, under your control

Keep customers' Azure cloud resources in check with tools that’ll help cut costs and maximize cloud potential. Identify VM sprawl in Azure and automate classification to detect and resolve zombie VMs. Plus, our dedicated portal helps MSPs manage services, support tickets, and more!

Analyze & report
Track & control
Estimate & insight

Azure, reassured…with AIR

Detect the cost of your customers' resources on Azure and generate analysis reports based on data centers, subscriptions, resource types, and pricing tiers. Rest assured knowing you’ve got their Azure under control with AIR.

  • Cost dashboard

    Understand their Azure cost allocation—by date, area, or tag—without seamless graphical dashboard and chart displays.

  • Get the details

    Produce and analyze various detailed reports from built-in or custom templates on Azure resource consumption.

  • Money matters

    Oversee cost allocation by resource by using customized dashboards and charts.

  • Track the cash

    Use dashboards and charts to display their data center map, cost summary, total cost trend and resources.

Stress less. We’ve got their Azure cloud resource maintenance covered.

Simplify resource tracking by adding smart tags and using real-time cost monitoring. Customize your customers tags and data collection rules to map to your business requirements.

  • Be informed

    Understand their Azure cost allocation—by date, area, or tag—with graphical dashboard and chart displays

  • Get smart

    Use smart tags to categorize subscriptions and collect cost data in real time based on custom time ranges, tags, and enrollment names in collector rules.

  • Get it sorted

    Categorize their subscriptions and resources by adding smart tabs.

  • For real

    Collect their cost data in real-time based on custom time ranges, tags, and enrollments names in collector rules.

Make sure it all adds up (and cost comes down)

Get notified as they approach budget or reach consumption limits. Set rules to be alerted to any new Azure insights or developments and improve prediction power for cost planning.

  • Make the rules

    Choose built-in insight rules to manage your budget better or customize new rules to meet personal requirements.

  • Enforce the border

    Detect and warn if very high or very low-cost thresholds are met for resources, subscriptions, datacenters, and resource types, and group by insight rules.

  • Predict & inform

    Estimate monthly costs of resources and the date when their balance will run out. Send automated alert emails to stakeholders when insight rules are broken.

  • SLA rules

    Monitor their services and save money by configuring SLA rules for individual Azure services to be used in the Service Outage Report.

Create and Manage Multiple Microsoft 365 Tenants at Once.


Watch: Portal Demo

Create and Manage Multiple Microsoft 365 Tenants at Once.
  • Account Management

    View, invite, and manage your customers.

  • Simplified billing

    Tag and organize your customers for simplified billing and policy management.

  • So very supportive

    Quickly gain insight into open support tickets, job statuses, and requests too!

  • Built-in tagging

    Create your own tags to apply to customer accounts. Easily view and act on tagged accounts by applying SLAs, notification settings, and more.

  • Configurable notifications

    No more notification overload! Rule-based notification triggers will alert you to failed or skipped jobs, and proactively create support tickets.

  • Central command

    Centrally manage and view customer licensing, and even manage customer billing profiles.

  • Grant free trials

    Invite users to free trials for FLY (Desktop/Server) directly through your MSP portal.

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