FLY. The Elevation of Microsoft 365 Migration.

Consolidate and migrate your customers' on-premises or cloud content into Microsoft 365

FLY Migration for Microsoft 365

FLY whizzes through the consolidation and migration of your customers' on-prem or cloud-based mail, file shares, and collaborative content into Microsoft 365. Tight timeline or budget? Our easy, breezy user experience guarantees you’ll look like a pro! With flexible licensing options—like flat, fixed rate licensing for unlimited content—costs will keep in check…and dollars will migrate into your bank account!


Gain insight to improve project planning.

Before migration, scan your customer’s content, structure, users, and permissions. Understand their existing architecture to avoid potential risks or pitfalls, and to improve their migration planning. See which customizations and workflows might impact the project, might need to be discarded, re-worked, or migrated as-is. Proper planning ensures a speedy migration.

  • Discover & uncover

    Scan to find out what they’ve got, identify it, decide what to keep, remove what’s not relevant, and prep for the future.

  • Know before you go

    Identify customizations, workflows, or other design elements that may impact their migration project.

  • Just the facts

    Get the key stats on data volume, type, and distribution across their source environments – whether mail, files, SharePoint, Groups, or Teams.

  • The owner’s guide

    Accurately plan for migration accountability by finding out who owns what content and data.

Migrate mail, files, and collaboration

Migrations can be complex. Your customers want to invest in Microsoft 365, but don’t have the in-house expertise to run an effective migration project. We’ll provide the tools and technology solutions to simplify the process, accelerate their move to Microsoft 365 and lock down data. Plus, with a dedicated portal for MSPs to manage services, support tickets, and free trials, you can’t go wrong.

  • Keep it together

    Keep all permissions and metadata together throughout the move, or be selective and absorb the new security structures on the other side.

  • Move quickly

    Meet and exceed their aggressive migration timelines with multi-threading or High-Speed Migration APIs.

  • Remain in sync

    Keep source and destination in sync with scheduling, and full or incremental migration options until it’s rolled out to users.

  • Make a decision

    Migrate in bulk, or select individual containers to migrate. Use filtering to get even more specific.

  • Transform their data

    Comprehensive mapping ensures data from unlike systems are properly reflected and retained.

  • Unlimited options

    Flexible licensing to migrate unlimited tenants with a yearly license, or unlimited content with a per-user license.

Dynamic dashboards and stellar insights

Keep a close eye on your customers' migration progress to make sure it’s on schedule and on point. Our dedicated migration dashboard lets you seamlessly validate their migration, generate customizable reports, monitor status, capture data, and even sends automated updates directly to stakeholders.

  • Less is more

    Report on migrated data volumes, as well as site, list, library and item counts, and then capture data for easy tracking, monitoring, and data manipulation.

  • Powerful templates

    Use Power BI report templates for detailed discovery and to create dynamic reports for throttling, performance, migration progress, and more.

  • Be a boss

    Download and analyze executive-level reports on job count and status, object count and status, and migration trend analysis to highlight actions taken.

What We Migrate

File Migration

  • Source
  • On-prem File Shares
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • Destination
  • Office 365 SharePoint, OneDrive
  • SharePoint 2016, 2019


  • Source
  • SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019
  • Groups Cross-tenant
  • Teams Cross-tenant
  • Slack
  • Destination
  • Office 365 Groups, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive
  • SharePoint 2016, 2019

Mail Migration

  • Source
  • Gmail
  • Exchange
  • Exchange Online Cross-tenant
  • PST files
  • Destination
  • Exchange Online

Create and Manage Multiple Microsoft 365 Tenants at Once.


Watch: Portal Demo

Create and Manage Multiple Microsoft 365 Tenants at Once.
  • Account Management

    View, invite, and manage your customers.

  • Simplified billing

    Tag and organize your customers for simplified billing and policy management.

  • So very supportive

    Quickly gain insight into open support tickets, job statuses, and requests too!

  • Built-in tagging

    Create your own tags to apply to customer accounts. Easily view and act on tagged accounts by applying SLAs, notification settings, and more.

  • Configurable notifications

    No more notification overload! Rule-based notification triggers will alert you to failed or skipped jobs, and proactively create support tickets.

  • Central command

    Centrally manage and view customer licensing, and even manage customer billing profiles.

  • Grant free trials

    Invite users to free trials for FLY (Desktop/Server) directly through your MSP portal.

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