Policies & Insights for Microsoft 365

Find, prioritize, fix, and enforce security controls across Teams, Groups, SharePoint, and OneDrive

Transform basic security services & reporting

Setting and enforcing Microsoft 365 security controls is hard. With so many admin interfaces, where do you begin? Which controls make sense for your customers?

Quit flying blind with PI.
We make it easy to understand anonymous links, Shadow Users, and over-exposed senstiive content so you know where to act. Then, help you enforce policies to prevent configuration drift. With PI, you’ve got the tools—and a dedicated, multi-tenant portal for MSPs—to rule, monitor, audit, and secure Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrives, all from one place. Customers can manage it themselves, or you can them help using role-based controls

Lower Cost
Tools to Rule
Drive Revenue

Overhead goes under with central management of Microsoft 365 users and permissions

Security and permissions audits and reports have never been easier. PI provides a single pane for everything you need to prove that Teams, Sites, Groups, and OneDrive are under control. Report, audit, and fix issues in bulk to save time and money.

  • Automate & assure

    Never let out of control access controls get you twisted. Out of policy permissions, sharing settings, and membership restrictions are fixed automatically.

  • Bulk up

    Create and manage Microsoft 365 Teams, SharePoint, Groups and OneDrive permissions, and security settings with batch controls to make initial configuration and updates easy.

  • Security trimmed

    Security-trimmed access to one or multiple tenants means you can securely delegate insights and administration.

  • Actionable reports

    Search for objects, users, permissions, or even actions with comprehensive reporting. Then, take swift, decisive action on the results.

All the power (without the shell)

Whether managing a client’s Microsoft 365 tenant—or just giving them tools that rule—we’ll automatically enforce security and configuration policies, create audit reports, make permissions changes, and more.

  • Audit & investigate

    Permissions nightmare? Shadow users? External users? Easily investigate users, items, deletions, and permissions changes with built-in reports.

  • Who, what, & when

    Find out who’s got access to what content and then bulk edit to modify, remove, or copy settings for extra protection.

  • Lockdown sharing

    Restrict access to and sharing of critical Microsoft 365 services, including Teams, SharePoint Online, Groups, OneDrive for Business, and their sites.

  • Prioritize for how your clients work

    Permissions reports aren't enough. Prioritize security insights based on how your clients define risk—whether government, industry, or organizational regulations and controls.

Enable recurring security services

Deliver sustained value to your clients. Helping with a Microsoft Teams or broad Microsoft 365 implementation could be just the beginning. Help your clients evolve their workspaces to reflect their business. Then, keep their workspaces secure. We give you tools to help build trust and deliver results, making sure your clients come back again and again.

  • Your own security service store

    Secure membership, security, and permissions across Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrive. Don't settle for all-or-nothing tenant-wide controls. Implement security controls based on workspace context.

  • Proof of work

    Respond to audit requests with reports on services, users, and configurations—including administrative actions—to easily validate service fees.

  • Set it, forget it.

    Once you enable security services, configuration drift can be reverted automatically. Or, notify users and admins of out-of-policy changes.

Create and Manage Multiple Microsoft 365 Tenants at Once.


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Create and Manage Multiple Microsoft 365 Tenants at Once.
  • Account Management

    View, invite, and manage your customers.

  • Simplified billing

    Tag and organize your customers for simplified billing and policy management.

  • So very supportive

    Quickly gain insight into open support tickets, job statuses, and requests too!

  • Built-in tagging

    Create your own tags to apply to customer accounts. Easily view and act on tagged accounts by applying SLAs, notification settings, and more.

  • Configurable notifications

    No more notification overload! Rule-based notification triggers will alert you to failed or skipped jobs, and proactively create support tickets.

  • Central command

    Centrally manage and view customer licensing, and even manage customer billing profiles.

  • Grant free trials

    Invite users to free trials for FLY (Desktop/Server) directly through your MSP portal.

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